31 October 2022

    Post-COVID Syndrome
    - a joint symposium of the German Centers for Health Research


    Deutsche Bank Park
    Mörfelder Landstraße 362
    60528 Frankfurt am Main (Niederrad)

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    Scientific organizer:
    Prof. Andreas Zeiher (DZHK)

    Dr. Katharina Schulenburg schulenburg@med.uni-frankfurt.de

    Journalists can accredit at: office@deutschezentren.de

    Registration and abstract submission:

    Extended deadline: 23 October

    Dear colleagues,

    The health consequences that persist beyond the acute infection phase of COVID-19 termed post-COVID syndrome, represent a tremendous global health challenge. Importantly, the symptoms and organ involvement vary widely. On a functioning level, fatigue, pain, post-exertion symptoms, and occupational distress are most prominent. On an organ level, the cardiovascular, respiratory, metabolic and nervous system are preferentially affected and associated with impairments in physical, mental health and cognitive outcomes.

    Therefore, the German Centers for Health Research DZHK, DZD, DZL, DZIF, and DZNE will host a scientific conference addressing the epidemiology, pathophysiology and potential treatment modalities of the postinfection sequelae after COVID-19. We do believe that the mutual scientific exchange between the German Centers for Health Research will provide an ideal forum to address the complex, multifactorial impairments in post-COVID syndromes

    We cordially invite you to participate in this exciting one-day conference and join the scientific discussion about post-COVID and its implications and consequences for health care in Germany.

    Andreas Zeiher
    Deutsches Zentrum für Herz-Kreislauf-Forschung


    For more information on the citizen's forum (Bürger:innenveranstaltung) that takes place after the symposium, click here.