Research IT

Knowledge exchange is data exchange

The Research IT working group harmonizes processes and IT systems between the German Centers for Health Research.

As a network, the DZGs conduct research together. A central role is played by the efficient and secure exchange of data between the differently specialized centers. The data from research, clinical practice and the analysis of biospecimens, like information from basic research, is complex and heterogeneous. To ensure that these high-dimensional data can be collected and processed in a standardized manner, they are gathered in the DZG according to the FAIR principle. This acronym stands for four central principles of data processing: The data should be easy to find (Findable), easy to access (Accessible), compatible with each other (Interoperable) and above all, reusable (Reuseable). To ensure this, the DZG want to bring together their processes and tools for data protection-compliant research IT into a common IT platform.

The goal is to use intelligent data management to accelerate the acquisition of knowledge about common and rare diseases, to reduce the number of patient examinations required, and to jointly explore new avenues for the diagnosis and treatment of serious diseases.

Members of the working group
  • Dr. Julia Hoffmann (DZHK)
  • Dr. Alexander Jarasch (DZD)
  • Prof. Dr. Martin Lablans (DKTK)
  • Raphael Majeed (DZL)
  • Dr. Annika Spottke (DZNE)
  • Prof. Dr. Jörg Janne Vehreschild (DZIF)