Research for Health

The German Centers for Health Research (DZG) are looking for new therapies for diabetes, infections, lung diseases, cancer, mental disorders, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases - to help patients get better.

Hopeful Outlook: New Approach to Reduce Asthma Risk in Children

A significant advancement in the research of childhood asthma was achieved by an interdisciplinary researcher group of the DZL, led by Helmholtz Munich and the Technical University of Munich (TUM). The study demonstrates a correlation between a specific gene variant in children and the development of asthma and opens new avenues for therapeutic approaches.

Apply now! DZG Innovation Fund Call 2025/2026: Inter-Organ-Metabolomics

For the current und third call of the DZG Innovation Fund the topic "Inter-Organ Metabolomics" has been selected. Apply now with a joint research project for the years 2025/2026 and send your expression of interest to by May, 15th 2024.

Interactive Map of the DZG

7 Centers, 43 Cities, 14 Federal states, 104 Partner Institutions – the research network of the German Centers for Health Research (DZG) reaches across the whole of Germany.

The magazine of the DZG

Research for Health – twice a year, the DZG report on research projects and successes in their research magazine SYNERGIE.