Public Relations

Making Research Visible to All

Communicating translational health research clearly, informing about DZG research successes, showing how society benefits from DZG's work, presenting DZG to the outside world - these and many more are the tasks of the Public Relations working group.

In order to achieve this:

  • The DZG magazine SYNERGIE was developed (
  • The public is informed via social media (Facebook, Instagram), in addition there are press releases and articles about the work of the DZG
  • Events such as the DZG anniversary and parliamentary evenings take place
  • The DZG participates in trade fairs, scientific congresses and symposia
  • An image film shows what distinguishes the DZG and how they work
  • A common logo, corporate design and this website were developed for the DZG
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Members of the working group
  • Dr. Jörn Bullwinkel (DZL) – E-Mail
  • Dr. Marcus Neitzert (DZNE) – E-Mail
  • Dr. Astrid Glaser (DZD) – E-Mail
  • Dr. Nadine Ogrissek (DKTK) – E-Mail
  • Christine Vollgraf (DZHK), speaker – E-Mail
  • Dr. Nicola Wittekindt (DZIF), deputy speaker – E-Mail
  • Janna Schmidt (DZIF), deputy speaker – E-Mail
  • Dr. Gabriel Gerlinger (DZPG) - E-Mail