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SYNERGIE issue 1/22 published

In the current issue of SYNERGIE - Research for Health, the research magazine of the DZG, everything revolves around the body's own defense system. Read about the impressive ways in which the immune system protects us against disease and how it sometimes overreaches in the task.

Scientists at the DZG are harnessing the immune system to fight cancer and keep HIV at bay. They want to use a well-known drug to increase the respiratory system's defenses against corona viruses and better understand what immune processes have to do with vascular diseases. In type 1 diabetes, misdirected immune cells are directed against the patient's own body and are supposed to be brought back into balance. And researchers have deciphered what a mysterious brain disease has to do with the immune system.

SYNERGIE is published twice a year by the six German Centers for Health Research and appears online, as an ePaper and as a printed issue.

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